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  • What is Bio-Well (GDV)?

    Bio-Well is a revolutionary tool based on Electro-Photonic Imaging or Gas Discharge Visualization technique (Kirlian eff...

  • Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

    Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, Professor, is Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at St.Petersburg University of Info...

  • About us Bio-Well Store

    BIO-WELL America: 

    a team of independent therapists and researchers passionate about health, prevention a...

Energy field

Measuring a person's energy field, which reflects physiological state, mood and emotions, and in some cases, spiritual state.

Stress Measurement

Measure the person's stress level. On this indicator depends the dynamics of changes in the state in the future.

Chakra Measurement

Measure the chakras and create individual meditative music to harmonize the energy flows, which affect all the organs of the human body.

Health Status

To evaluate the state of health and the human energy potential. The analysis occurs when using the characteristics of the brightness of the fingers.

Energy Scanning

Evaluate the energy balance of the state of the right and left halves. This is very important when choosing methods to correct the state.

Environmental Analysis

Long-term environmental analysis with subsequent data processing

  • P. Krishna Madappa

    President & Co-Founder: Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability

    This is an excellent instrument, very convenient, user-friendly and informative. I am using it both in the institute and in my travels and find it very accurate and reliable.

  • Irina Gromova

    Head Coach of the Skiing and Biathlon Paralympic Team of Russia

    The "GDV Bio-Well" computer appliance used in the study yields a sufficiently accurate estimation of the parameters of the psychophysiological state of athletes. Through investigating the fluorescent fingertip images, which dynamically change with emotional and energy states, one can identify areas of congestion of energy in the whole system. “GDV Bio-Well” computer appliance enables prompt monitoring of the process of adaptation to the high athletes during the pre-competition and competition periods and timely implementation of the necessary corrective measures.